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School of Accounting


School of Accounting , formerly known as the Department of economics founded in 2004, was established in 2008. The accounting department includes two sections: Accounting and Financial Management with senior professionals teachers accounted for more than thirty percent. Department invited Professor Zhang Xiaofeng from school of economics and management of Guangdong University of technology as the director of undergraduate specialty Steering Committee, and four executives from famous enterprises as the members of the Teaching Guidance Committee. Accounting department pays much attention to the cultivation of students'' enterprising spirit, innovation ability and practical ability, and trains senior application-oriented talents who are qualified to work in government departments, enterprises and institutions, financial institutions.
School of Accounting follows the principle of "imparting knowledge, cultivating ability, improve quality and coordinated development", and makes reasonable arrangements for the teaching plan to enable students to master professional theoretical knowledge of accounting finance according to the professional characteristics of accounting and financial management,. At the same time, students could improve their practical ability, especially the accounting practice operation ability through the teaching practice. The practical teaching mainly takes separate classes after the study of theory, the students proceed to the study of practical operation immediately. Students further improve the comprehensive professional ability in practice, which can lay the foundation for the successful employment after graduation and the future career development.
School of Accounting owns complete and advanced teaching facilities. There are different classrooms exclusively for students: classrooms for teaching theory, multimedia classrooms, voice rooms, computerized accounting laboratory, accounting manual simulation lab, etc.. At the same time, the Department extensively cooperates with the certified public accountants, tax accountants, enterprise, bank, securities companies, and insurance companies and established more than 40 off campus practice base, to cultivate students'' practical ability in practice.
School of Accounting implements learning through teaching, promoting the formation of good study atmosphere, class atmosphere and school tradition, stimulating students'' interest, developing the second classroom, carrying out the full effect of extracurricular activities, creating a good atmosphere of campus culture, improving the students'' comprehensive quality and ability, so that students increase knowledge and competence in activities.
  • Huali Road, road, Guangzhou Huali Science Park, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
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