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About HLC


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School of Management


School of Management was established in August 2002 with more than 1300 full-time students. It consists of five professional and 10 majors: marketing department (including two majors: business planning and electronic commerce, brand planning and management), logistics management department (including three majors: logistics management, international logistics management, logistics engineering), Department of human resources management (including the major of HRM), Department of Business Administration (including three majors: business management, enterprise information management system, real estate management), industrial and commercial management (International Management) "2 + 2" Sino-American double degree international class.
In terms of the professional construction, Professor Zhang Depeng, from School of Management of Guangdong University of technology, serves as director of marketing Department specialty construction steering committee associate professor Dai Yang, from School of economics and management of Guangdong University of technology, serves as the director of Department of human resources management professional construction steering committee associate professor Zhu Fuliang, from School of economics and management of Guangdong University of technology, serves as the director of Department of logistics management specialty construction Steering Committee. The faculty itself also has a strong team of teachers. Among them, professors and associate professors account for 19% of the total number of staff, and lecturers and teachers with a master''s degree account for the total number of 71%. In order to enhance professional construction, the department employs a number of visiting and adjunct professors from Guangdong University of technology and well-known enterprises.
In terms of teaching and scientific research, in recent years, the faculty published more than 180 articles in all kinds of domestic academic journals and more than 20 textbooks and scholarly monographs, including the second projects of the Ministry of Education Humanities and social science research "Nine Five" planning project, with publication of a monograph. The faculty also participated in the "National University Teaching and Research Center" project research, undertaking the relevant part of the task. And there are many national and provincial projects of college students entrepreneurship and innovation and provincial teaching reform project, and a number of the second batch of special major construction projects summing - up the research on schedule.
In terms of the cultivation of talents, School of Management adheres to the principles of employment oriented, improving the overall quality of students, paying attention to the combination of theory and practice, and focusing on cultivating senior applied talents with solid theoretical foundation and strong practical ability. School of Management places emphasis on the construction of curriculum and teaching theory. There are teaching laboratories for the use of simulation training and school teaching, and each department sets up the professional courses to enable students to obtain necessary professional knowledge which can be applied into practice. At the same time, the school also pays special attention to social practice: from 2004 so far, the department established off campus practice bases in cooperation with more than 60 enterprises in the province, such as Haiyin groups, Guangzhou Evergrand, Xinbang logistics, branching company of Damco global logistics in Shenzhen, for students’ off-campus teaching practice and the graduation practice use, in order to comprehensively improve the overall quality of students, so that students get the necessary professional skills and practical ability, enhance social knowledge and improve the ability to obtain employment.
School of Management is a harmonious team, full of youthful spirit, with the unity to study hard atmosphere. Department of Party Organizations and Students Union often organize various activities for students students associations grow fast and campus life is greatly enriched as well.
  • Huali Road, road, Guangzhou Huali Science Park, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
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