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About HLC


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School of Urban Construction


As a characteristic faculty of the college, the Faculty of Urban Construction has more than 3000 full-time students majoring in 6 undergraduate majors (direction) such as civil engineering, project management, engineering cost, architecture, water supply and drainage, and land resource management. The faculty boasts a reasonable and relatively stable structure of the teaching force within academic background, professional title and age, among which full and associate professors and senior titles accounted for 30% of the total number of the staff, while postgraduates and intermediate titles accounted for 70%.
Relying on the overall teaching resources from Main Campus, the faculty sets up a undergraduate specialty construction committee, regularly holding committee meetings of undergraduate construction, and studying teaching plans of undergraduate courses, as well as teaching outline writing, laboratory construction, teachers appointed to give lectures, and other issues. It also establishes close relations of cooperation with Engineering Management Department and Architecture Department of Construction College from the Main Campus, and conduct long-term activities include Teacher communications, student exchanges, and engaging experts and professors to give lectures and academic reports, which broadens students'' horizons and enriches students'' knowledge.
The faculty pays special attention to practical teaching links, building design, concrete structure course design, engineering budget and the courses design, arranging students to receive cognition of practice, measurement practice, production practice, graduation practice and practice courses, while strengthening the students'' practical application ability.
The faculty lays emphasis on the cultivation of student''s ideological and moral quality, good style of study of the construction and improvement of comprehensive quality. It offers series of lectures, holds basketball and football matches and photography contests, and carries out various forms of academic competition such as Mechanical Architecture Contest, exhibition of building model and academic works of architecture, CAD skills competitions, thus improving the students'' comprehensive quality and enriching the campus culture of colleges.
  • Huali Road, road, Guangzhou Huali Science Park, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
    Tel: (86) -020-82901370
    Fax: (86) -020-82901370