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About HLC


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School of Electromechanical and Information Engineering


Aimed to cultivate students to master the basic theories and acquire strong practical ability and innovative consciousness, School of Electromechanical and Information Engineering, provides mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, computer science and technology, network engineering, information engineering technology and other modern management knowledge of senior engineering for technical talents.
The faculty has 3077 full-time students at present, as well as a rational structure of teaching staff, among which full and associate professors accounted for 46% of the total number of staff, while lecturers or teachers with a master''s degree accounted for 78%. To enhance the level of specialty construction, the faculty also engages several guest and part-time professors from the Main Campus and well-known enterprises.
After a long period of construction, the faculty now owns laboratories as follows: Laboratory of Power System Relaying Protection, Laboratory of Power System Model, Laboratory of Sensor Systems, Laboratory of Power Electronics, Laboratory of Automatic Control System, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Laboratory of Industrial Control, Laboratory of Digital Control Processing, Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Embedded Technology, Laboratory of Single Chip Microcomputer, Laboratory of Microcomputer Principle and Interface, CISCO network technology laboratory (CISCO approval institute of network technology training base), and Laboratory of Communication Principle (Optical Fiber). At the same time, modern Training Rooms of Intelligentialization of Electricity, Modern Electrical Control Technology, CNC Processing, Measurement, Optical Control Technology, Machine Tools and Maintenance of Electricity, and Senior Maintenance Electrician, provide a powerful guarantee of students'' skills building.
Paying high attention to students'' ability training, the faculty builds modularized course system with ability training as the standard, professional practice as the main line, and project curriculum as the main body. In the teaching process, it highlights the practical teaching and focus on the student organization, communication, cooperation, self-study, independent thinking ability, laying solid theoretical foundation and developing strong practical ability for students, which is warmly welcomed by employers.
  • Huali Road, road, Guangzhou Huali Science Park, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
    Tel: (86) -020-82901370
    Fax: (86) -020-82901370