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About HLC

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With over 50 students’ associations,involving science and technology,cultures,arts,and physical education,life in HLC can be exceptionally colorful. There  also exists  a piano club and an orchestra club, both of which are helpful for students  to  achieve self-cultivation in arts and humanities.HLC students performed extremely well in competitions on scientific and technological innovation and in cultural and sports competitions.Students came out in front in type A national discipline competition -“challenge cup”national college student competition for three years on end.

Distinguished prospect: HLC boasts the largest and the best business incubator. As an business incubator of promotion ,the incubator building inside the campus has floor space of 1.5 hectares.State-level business incubators, college students KAB  incubators for entrepreneurial education are being forged, and SYB training is under way.exemption of credits are implemented in the double-hundred project-100 entrepreneurial advisers and 100 entrepreneurial programs.HLC constructs a cultivation system for entrepreneurial talents, in which innovative undertakings offset credits.of some courses.


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