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About Us

About HLC

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Established in 1999,Huali College Guangdong University of Technology,became one of the first independent colleges in Guangdong province approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004.It covers an area of nearly 67 hectares. As an excellent comprehensive university with over 15000 fulltime  undergraduates, it strives to achieve coordinated development among such disciplines as engineering,economics,management,literature and arts. In terms of graduate employment rate,it has  edged into the front ranks  among  institutions of higher learning in Guangdong. 

Diversified modes of talent cultivation: innovative and entrepreneurial mode, mode of cultivating excellent applied engineers and mode of cultivating international inter-disciplinary talents by cooperating with key universities abroad so as to afford opportunities for domestic upperclassmen to work for a bachelor’s degree with a double major and a continuous project involving undergraduate and postgraduate study abroad. 

Multivariate collaborative platforms of innovation:hundreds of off-campus practice bases the double-hundred project100 entrepreneurial advisers and 100 entrepreneurial programs test venue for senior and intermediate qualifications for scores of overseas institutions of higher learning and professions. We have built platforms of cultivating talents with many enterprises , institutes and other universities. 

High-quality major construction: Talent cultivation blueprint keeps abreast of the cutting edge of disciplinary development.HLC boasts an outstanding group of double-qualified young and middle-aged teachers with either master’s  or doctor’s , headed by those with senior professional titles .Such majors as civil construction(cultivation base for elites in project cost at provincial level),electromechanics(demonstration center for experimental teaching at provincial level),accounting ,economics and management, journalism and arts are of distinctive feature among universities in Guangdong.  

High employment rate:coordinated guidance of school and enterprise tutors scholarships granted and  practice-based competitions organized by HLC and enterprises practice bases at provincial-level for college students, state-level business incubator. With the perfect combination of learning and production, internship and innovation platforms for employment were built to maintain the high employment rate over the years. 

Campus environment: modern architectural complex with a combination of Chinese and Western elements, rippling Huali Lake,sweet-scented lychee groves dormitories,libraries and teaching buildings equipped with air-conditioners campus-wide Wifi servicecanteens offering both Chinese and western cuisines 34 basketball courts 2 ground track fields20 badminton courts and 10 tennis courts lakeside greenways ,equal number of male and female students 55 associations where in-campus inter-department activities  are organized.

Teaching facilities: labs at domestically advanced level the largest intelligence library among institutions of higher learning at the same level. An accumulated amount of over 100 million RMB were invested in fully itted labs with advanced facilities. Domestically advanced  are labs of electric traction and dynamos, power electrics and automatic control, CNC machining center,civil engineering, ERP,art design( APPLE), simultaneous interpreting,financial software,animation design,and video production ,among which power electrics and automatic control lab and civil engineering lab were awarded Teaching  Demonstration Center at provincial level.  Among over 60  institutions of higher learning in Guangdong,all of which offer civil engineering courses,  Five  of them were rated as Guangdong Talent Cultivation Base of Project Cost  , Huali College and South China University of Technology included.

Library:Rated as the most mesmerizing library in China.It is much of a  palatial architectural style with red walls and blue tiles, which radiates a touch of solemnity. With 4.2 hectares of floor space, 2.7 million books, 1.4 electric books and 19 data bases in its collections, it is known as the largest intelligence library among institutions of the same type.It provides you with a rich, diverse and enduring source of knowledge to inform, inspire and engage you and support your intellectual and creative endeavors.


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  • Huali Road, road, Guangzhou Huali Science Park, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
    Tel: (86) -020-82901370
    Fax: (86) -020-82901370